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Boomers and later-borns – a warning!

I've written about the economy and seniors before – but it is a message that needs to be repeated – so here it is again!


Social Security will post nearly $600 billion in deficits over the next decade as the economy struggles to recover and millions of baby boomers stand at the brink of retirement, according to new congressional projections.

Read more about these social security deficits.

No matter how old you are now – and even if you've been collecting social security for a while – you really need to have other sources or additional streams of income…

You'll feel safer and you'll be happier!

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On birthdays, social media and friends

girl scouts 1950's




NYC girl scouts circa early 1950's – some of whom I am still in contact with


Yesterday was my birthday…

Starting over the weekend, many friends on Facebook wished me a happy birthday. 

[FYI – Facebook posts the date of your birth if you want it to show.  Twitter and other sites do not.]

Some of those on Facebook I have met in real life [or IRL as we say] – but most I have never met – or rather – I should say have not yet met.  I am sure I will meet many in the future as we have a lot in common.

Some of my non-social media friends wonder why I call my online friends – friends!  Well to me they are friends.

They were there for me in my depression when my pets died and in my joy when I announced that my son was getting married. 

They are ardent supporters of my writing and my thoughts about politics and life – and they sometimes enjoy my videos and photographs [and even my knitting projects ]

So – what is a friend?

I have friends I see every day, I have friends from years ago that I stay in contact with via phone and visits, and some with whom I am in contact only via email or online.  And of course, my online-only friends.

Is there a difference in these friends?  Yes.  For those from the far ago pasts, and even my not-so-far-ago pasts – we may have different points of view and events on life now – but we once shared a history and that can't be discarded. 

Those histories forge a bond of friendship.  And the social media friends? We are creating our own history and forging a different kind of friendship…

But to me – they are all friends!


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Mom was wrong [sort of]

beach chairDid your mother keep telling you to sit up straight? Mine did – every time I slouched while doing homework or on the telephone or just hanging out with friends in the living room….

Well it’s one thing she was wrong about…seems it is better to slouch – to a degree – actually to about 135 degrees. Saw this article when slouching at the computer – and I had to laugh…guess it’s why my back is fine…

And maybe it is why we see beach chairs as so relaxing?

It probably is not a good thing to constantly be slouched, no mater to what degree – getting up and moving around and varying the degree of “slouchiness” is likely to be better….moving usually beats sitting for long stretches.

So sorry mom – you were wrong and I am glad this is not one myth I passed on to my son..

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