Emotional Changes

All of our being changes as we age.  Some of those changes we love and some we hate – or at least dislike.

Physical changes occur and we have some of control over that by how we eat and exercise and by how we adapt to the changes.

But what about our emotions?  Do they change?  

And if so, is there something we can do about helping with this transition as well?

I'm not going to look at all the current research for this page but instead [or like usual] I am writing my own take on this process.  After all I consider myself a researcher albeit with a sample of one [me] plus my friends.

As I have aged I've noticed my emotions have leveled off.  I no longer get as upset, angry or sad  as I did 6-7 years ago.  Of course a lot has changed since then.  I live in a new area of the country, I am near water all day/every day, I get outside everyday, I have friendly neighbors and I have good access to all I wish to do.


How can I not feel good when I see things like this right outside my door every day?

So – my emotional status at 70+ is, to me, a direct result of where I now live.  And, as opposed to other mental health persons, I have always said that environment makes a major difference in how we feel.  

"They" say that you take yourself with you wherever you go.   Yes – you do take your "self" but you are taking that "self" to a new environment and so that "self" by definition can not be the same "self."  Like Piaget, I believe that everything we do changes us and we are always a newer "self" each time we act.

Do I get "stressed out?"  Sure.  Do I get sad?  Sure.  Do I get angry?  I sure do!  But whatever it is I am feeling – it is significantly less in intensity and duration than in the past.

Question:  is it age or location?  I honestly can't say as for me they happened simultaneously.  I moved to Portland at the tender age of "almost 64."  Friends my age, or even older, have also moved in the last few years and all are happier for it!  Some moved to be near family, some to leave the frozen north,  and some to just move.

Maybe going to a new location [or leaving the old one?] becomes a catalyst for a positive set of emotional changes.

It's worth a bit of research.  [note to self: Lynn – do a study]

to be continued..



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