Are you ready to grow older in the best ways possible?

Growing older is not a choice; we start aging the second we are born.

While we don’t have a choice ABOUT growing older we sure do have choices about HOW we are growing older.

We can choose to keep growing as we age or we can just get “old.” 

Choose wisely!

Choose to grow older  better!

Welcome to Grow Older Better

Learn more about the aging process...and how to grow older better!

A Few Grow Older Better Topics 

Eating Well

Eat well; supplement better! Nutrition is a building block of all your development - from birth onwards! Pay attention to what you eat....and HOW you eat.

Exercise: It's Your Best Friend

Well, except for that dog you have and love. Exercise is always good for you, no matter your age or current activity status [but do check with your primary care provider first.]

Laugh, Socialize, and Live!

We all need social stimulation...from birth on. Living alone is fine and does not mean you are lonely, but getting out with friends will help your aging process be better!

Lynn - your grow older better mentor

Who am I?

I'm a "woman of a certain age" who is getting tired of the constant question:  "how old are you?" I now ask those people why they want to know...this often leads to a fun conversation, but sometimes a not-so-fun-one....I've now taken to saying "a certain age." 

Of course, I am writing and teaching about all this....that's my "thing."

Another of my "things" is being outside a lot - usually with my dog - walking along the river...

Lynn Dorman, Ph.D.


Tova my yellow lab

Blog Posts 

Some of my musings on growing older better

80 Is NOT The New 60!

80 is the new 80! Ask yourself: why are we so afraid of saying "great" or some other non age-related comment when someone says they are 80?Why do we feel the need to say: "Wow you don't look your age."  Sometimes I think I've become one of those stereotypical cranky senior citizens* because I just

Growing Older? You Need A Sense of Humor

Ah aging! As I have gotten older, especially since I turned 65, I have been inundated with mail that goes into a category that I now call.......Information for those about to dieThe mail is about falling, tripping, funerals, cremation, or selling me insurance so my family can pay for the funeral or cremation expenses.  But I

Wallets and History

The wallet above is more than 20 years old. It has a history and I've had it for so long, I keep forgetting its history.I bought the wallet on April 19, 1995 at Potomac Mills Mall in Virginia. Why do I remember the exact date? Because it was the day of the Oklahoma City bombing -

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