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April 5  

grow older better queens college yearbook 1961

[the yearbook met a few flooded basements in it's 50 years]

Earlier this year a friend asked me if I would co-chair a law school reunion committee with her as it is our 20th!!  I had not been paying attention to the number of years that rolled by since law school – so I was surprised when she said it was 20!  But traveling to to D.C. in April for that weekend was not a possibility and so I declined. 

The thought of the law school reunion lead me to think back to other dates and I had a major whoops moment when I discovered it will be 50 years this Spring that I graduated from college.

As I went to Queens College, a public college in New York City, and  do not remember getting anything from them at other memorable dates I wondered if 50 meant anything special…[we New Yorkers are sort of blasé about things like this and I have never gone to any reunion – college, graduate school or law school.]

Then I received a letter from Queens College and it seems I am invited to 2 50th anniversary events! Commencement, where we get to march in what I call the parade and homecoming weekend – an event that never happened when I went there.

The map of the campus was strange.  Gone are the Quonset Hut classroom buildings and the old buildings with Spanish-tiled roofs.  In their places are what seem to be modern facilities – with names – with many called "hall."  When I was there – most buildings were labeled with letters: A,B, C, etc.  We did not have a dining "hall" we had the caf and the little caf.

It would be fun to return just to see what it looks like…I have not been on that campus since about the mid-1960's.

I've never been to an alumni reunion but a 50th seems "special." The events are in June and October so I have time to think about this.


Comments? Do you go to alumni reunions? 





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