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Brains, Memory, and Aging

human brain

A study on what are called “superagers” shows that not all older people lose memory as they age.


This study looked at those over 80….


“Then we found something even more surprising, which was even harder to believe,” she says. “In an area called the anterior cingulate of the brain, it was actually thicker in the superagers than it was in the 50-year-olds.” The anterior cingulate is a small brain region important for attention and memory.

A youthful cortex and thicker cingulate suggest to Rogalski that these two brain regions have been spared the typical age-related shrinkage, which may be what protects against the memory decline seen in most elderly people. Superagers also have fewer risk genes for Alzheimer’s than typical 80-year-olds, she notes.


 I am not sure why some brains at 80 look like younger ones, but I love this kind of research!

We need to learn much more about how to keep our bodies and brains healthier as we age!!

Thoughts? Comments?

thank you


Obesity And Your Lifespan


More of we older people, more than previously thought, may be shortening our lifespans due to obesity issues.


The death toll of the nation’s obesity epidemic may be close to four times higher than has been widely believed, and all that excess weight could reverse the steady trend of lengthening life spans for a generation of younger Americans, new research warns.


There are some studies that showed that having extra weight as we age might be a sort of protection – but in recent years all the research I have read shows that obesity shortens lives – of adults, of teens and of children.

Me? I’d rather err on the side of not carrying around extra weight.

Comments? Thoughts?

Thank you…






Heat Exhaustion: Does It Really Get Worse As We Get Older?

heat exhaustion

Good grief!         I hope not!

I’ve had problems with hot weather and humidity since I was born. 


I was the kid on the beach with a hat, long sleeved shirt, and long pants with zinc on my nose. 

As a teen, I kind of went out there without parents around, and got too much sun and got burned many times – but you know you do that when you’re a teenager… and then you hope as an adult that you didn’t do “too” much that you now have problems… 

So far, I’m okay. 

But heat, especially when it is over 80 degrees F, starts me on a path to heat exhaustion. This is worse for me when I can not acclimatize. 

I lived in Washington, D.C. for a long time, but there the temperature increases from May thru summer. I had issues some summers, but generally I survived all my D.C. summers. 

Where I am now, in Oregon, we don’t get a chance to acclimatize. It goes from pleasant in the 70’s to near 100 in one day! 

One day is about all I can take, so when it is brutally hot for 2 or more days, I have heat exhaustion issues. 

I get nauseous, irritable, headachy, and dizzy. These symptoms and I are on such familiar terms, we recognize each other. 

Have they worsened as I aged? I’m not sure, as I also changed the coast I was on, and reduced the humidity factor. I do note that the symptoms come on after a day of excessive hot, but they go away when it cools off.


I do pay attention to the weather and try to plan ahead – and one of these years, I will get an air conditioner….maybe when I am “old.”

How does the heat affect you?

Thoughts? Thank you…. 

Beware: Medical Alert Impostors Targeting Seniors

medical laertThe following alert came from the Oregon Atty. General, but it applies to anyone in any state who is a senior citizen or who knows any senior citizens.

Scammers are not picky as to what state they operate in.

Please pass this message along.  Thank you.


The Oregon Department of Justice has recently learned older Oregonians are receiving pre-recorded messages from medical alert imposters claiming to be from Life Alert, a personal emergency response and home medical alert system company.

The recordings sound like a real person claiming that either “someone has purchased a Life Alert system for you,” or that “you qualify for a free Life Alert.” Others may say they are calling from a shipping department to confirm a free order or to send you new Life Alert equipment.

Life Alert has confirmed the calls are not made by the company. (See Life Alert’s Fraud Alert online at http://www.lifealert.com/fraudalert.aspx.)

Attorney General Ellen Rosenblum urges Oregonians to simply hang up the phone if they receive a recorded call saying they are with Life Alert or the “I’ve fallen and can’t get up” people. “DO NOT press a button to talk to sales person, and never give personal information or credit card numbers over the phone unless you have initiated the contact or you are sure you know who you are dealing with,” says Attorney General Rosenblum.

If you think you have fallen victim to these medical alert imposters, contact the Oregon Department of Justice online at www.oregonconsumer.gov or call 1-877-877-9392.

Pets And Health

PuppyMany of us pet owners know that pets keep us saner, happier and healthier.


Now there is research that backs up our life experiences.

A recent study indicated that owning a pet, especially a dog, might reduce the risk of your having a heart disease.

Is it the constant walking, playing with, snuggling with or just having a living critter in your home that you have to take care of?

I know I have lost weight since getting my puppy – it’s the weight I put on after my old dog died.

It’s too easy to NOT take a walk in the early morning or late at night when you do not really have to…but with a puppy or a dog – those walks are necessary and are as good for you health-wise as they are for the puppy or dog.

So here’s to our pets… and if you are not a dog person, please do not go out and get one thinking it will be “good” for you…try taking care of a neighbor’s dog or puppy for a while first.


Pets come with lifetime commitments!!


Comments? Thank you!!