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A Brainy Reason To Get Enough Sleep

sleepingWe all know we need sleep.

And now we know more as to WHY we need sleep….

Because our brains are cleaned during sleep!

 Recent research has shown that:

Cells in the brain, probably the glial cells which keep nerve cells alive, shrink during sleep. This increases the size of the interstitial space, the gaps between brain tissue, allowing more fluid to be pumped in and wash the toxins away.


So make sure you get that sleep – don’t skimp on it…your brain will thank you.

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  • LeSha Brewer says:

    Wow! That put’s it in another perspective. Lack of sleep doesn’t just affect your energy level! Great post!

  • Peggy Nolan says:

    This is great! One more reason to add why sleep is yummy goodness for body, mind and spirit!

    Peggy (from UBC)

    • Hi Peggy and thank you. I learned years ago that we need sufficient sleep and I try to get what my body needs. Now I see why it is so important – or more of why.


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