Changing My Diet, Exercising, And More



This past year I have made many changes in my both diet and my exercise habits and I thought I’d post about it.


Earlier this year I started doing yoga maybe once or twice a week and then tried every other day. At some point I just knew that 20 minutes a day every day seemed to be worth aiming for.

So that’s what I’ve been doing – with an occasional missed day – but not very frequently – and never two days in a row.

Additionally I’d been reading bad stuff about wheat and realized that I have had what feels like an addiction to bread. I don’t get that way when I make my own bread, but this feeling happened with what is considered healthy and local, but store-bought bread. So I decided – okay – I’m eliminating much of the wheat from my diet.

I feel so much better and I no longer have many of those cravings for bread or wheat yummies like donuts and cookies.

I also cut back on dairy by eliminating milk. I’m now only using almond milk in my coffee but I still eat cheese and Greek yogurt.

And I added more fruit, garden fresh vegetable, and stayed with my usual consumption of nuts.

The upshot of all of this is that I not only lost weight but also inches around my hips and my waist.

And having a puppy again has gotten me outside walking a LOT – no matter what the weather is.


I’m not sure which of my changes was the most relevant – and as a researcher, I should be interested…but I’m happy with the results so…..


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