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October 13  


This past year I have made many changes in my both diet and my exercise habits and I thought I’d post about it.


Earlier this year I started doing yoga maybe once or twice a week and then tried every other day. At some point I just knew that 20 minutes a day every day seemed to be worth aiming for.

So that’s what I’ve been doing – with an occasional missed day – but not very frequently – and never two days in a row.

Additionally I’d been reading bad stuff about wheat and realized that I have had what feels like an addiction to bread. I don’t get that way when I make my own bread, but this feeling happened with what is considered healthy and local, but store-bought bread. So I decided – okay – I’m eliminating much of the wheat from my diet.

I feel so much better and I no longer have many of those cravings for bread or wheat yummies like donuts and cookies.

I also cut back on dairy by eliminating milk. I’m now only using almond milk in my coffee but I still eat cheese and Greek yogurt.

And I added more fruit, garden fresh vegetable, and stayed with my usual consumption of nuts.

The upshot of all of this is that I not only lost weight but also inches around my hips and my waist.

And having a puppy again has gotten me outside walking a LOT – no matter what the weather is.


I’m not sure which of my changes was the most relevant – and as a researcher, I should be interested…but I’m happy with the results so…..


  • Good for you! Sounds like you are on the right track for sure… I avoid most dairy (except the occasional cheese or yogurt) and substitute with Almond Milk as well.

    • Thank you for the comment and the support. I still like cheese and yogurt, but even eat less of those now. I am most interested in seeing what a longer term effect is

  • LOL – I do feel smug about it and thank you for permission to feel “smugger.”
    I have been doing yoga for about 30 years, but never every day. It has made a major difference in my flexibility – just like all my yoga instructors have told me it would 🙂

    Guess it is never too late to keep learning..or repeating past live messages..

    Thanks for the comment and glad you also are feeling better with diet changes.


  • I’ve had to make the same changes to my diet too! We’ve cut out wheat and dairy completely from our diet to try and get my partner’s auto immune condition under control — which it has — but a bonus to that is that he’s lost weight and I’ve lost about 5″ off waist and hips. No weight yet, but I’m guessing it’s melting off other places first. Ever the optimist. Haven’t got a puppy so continuing to loll about but I do yoga every day and have done for about 15 years. Feeling pretty good! Well done you, keep it up! Wheat is addictive so brilliant you’ve kicked the habit. You have my permission to feel vaguely smug if you fancy it.

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