Brains, Memory, and Aging


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A study on what are called “superagers” shows that not all older people lose memory as they age.


This study looked at those over 80….


“Then we found something even more surprising, which was even harder to believe,” she says. “In an area called the anterior cingulate of the brain, it was actually thicker in the superagers than it was in the 50-year-olds.” The anterior cingulate is a small brain region important for attention and memory.

A youthful cortex and thicker cingulate suggest to Rogalski that these two brain regions have been spared the typical age-related shrinkage, which may be what protects against the memory decline seen in most elderly people. Superagers also have fewer risk genes for Alzheimer’s than typical 80-year-olds, she notes.


 I am not sure why some brains at 80 look like younger ones, but I love this kind of research!

We need to learn much more about how to keep our bodies and brains healthier as we age!!

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