Obesity And Your Lifespan

Lynn Dorman, Ph.D. // Aging, Health


September 25  


More of we older people, more than previously thought, may be shortening our lifespans due to obesity issues.


The death toll of the nation’s obesity epidemic may be close to four times higher than has been widely believed, and all that excess weight could reverse the steady trend of lengthening life spans for a generation of younger Americans, new research warns.


There are some studies that showed that having extra weight as we age might be a sort of protection – but in recent years all the research I have read shows that obesity shortens lives – of adults, of teens and of children.

Me? I’d rather err on the side of not carrying around extra weight.

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  • if only losing weight were that simple. Temptations of over-processed foods are all around us, we struggle to balance hectic work schedules with trying to eat healthy while on the run, then many Americans come home to a house full of kids who need help with their homework and they have to be fed. How do we make sense of this and simplify things, especially in the era of two wage earners per household? Well, I am glad you asked (or maybe you didn’t, LOL).

    I work 75 hours a week and my wife works approx. 55 hrs/week but even so, we are still able to juggle our lives and eat healthy while spending time with our kids by completely staying ORGANIZED!

    Guys, if you don’t have a diet and exercise plan laid out for yourselves, you will probably fail unless you are a youngster who has yet to assume the responsibilities that come with running your own household.

    • Hi Harold – as you note – it is not always easy to find and eat healthy food…but no matter how much time and money we have [or do not have] there are choices we can make. We can also stop falling for false and misleading advertising 🙂

      Thanks for the comment..


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