Another Reason To Love Your Coffee

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July 29  




In my lifetime, coffee has been seen as bad for you, and good for you, and all points in between these two extremes.

As with most food research, I used me as my own subejct…and I figured it was good for me….


I love coffee…I have been drinking it since way back in high school.

Over the years, I cut back on the amount I drank, but I never stopped, and never will stop, drinking coffee!!


Now we see that coffee may keep us from getting depressed and committing suicide. 

In this study of over 43 thousand men…..

Suicide was the cause of death for 277 people over the course of the study, though researchers made a surprising discovery: the risk of suicide for adults who drank between 2-4 cups of coffee each day was 50 percent lower than adults who drank decaf, very little or no coffee.

Their conclusions:

Researchers explained that coffee and caffeine stimulate the central nervous system, acting as a mild anti-depressant by boosting the brain’s production of neurotransmitters including noradrenaline, dopamine, and serotonin, chemicals all associated with depression. This, they add, could help explain why the results of past studies have linked coffee to lowered risks of depression.


So here’s to a happier life – filled with just the right amount of java …… and friends to drink it with….


coffe and friends





Thank you!

  • Everything in moderation but it certainly does work wonders. If your intake can be controlled then it is well worth it.

  • I love coffee, it is great source of energy that boost your Mind and make you active also increase the Concentration i advice before doing any kind of study or work that need more concentration,,,take one cup of coffee before starting study it will help you to understand the things very fast.

  • While I’ve always known coffee made me feel good while I’m under its influence it’s nice to know it’s also good for me overall.

    I have a couple of strong mugs in the morning and it fuels my writing, Kerouac-style, so can relate to the research finding that it boosts the brain’s production of neurotransmitters, including the good feeling ones.


    • Thanks for the post – even when the news was that coffee was “bad” for me, I felt so good drinking it, that I did not heed the advice to stop….I too love the boost it gives to my morning writing and project production.

      Here’s to coffee!!


  • I love my coffee. And it does help my depression immensely. I have clinical depression so I am testimony for it working.

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