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Here we go again – again

Another of those “beware what you put in your body ” warnings..

Now we learn from a Canadian study that antidepressants double the risk of bone fracture…in whom? people over 50!

I can’t find all the statistics but every older person I know was put on an antidepressant for some reason. I’m thinking back to when my own mother broke her hip and in the rehab center the aide kept trying to get her to take her “happy pills.” My mom, not being stupid, asked if it was an antidepressant and was told it was..so why call it a happy pill? It was not making my mother happy that they tricked her into it as “one of the meds she was supposed to take.”

She refused to take that pill…now I wonder how many older people with broken body parts are regularly given antidepressants? and what is it doing to the healing of the recently broken bones and what future jeopardy are these already vulnerable seniors exposed to?

When will the medical profession, the hospitals, the rehab centers, and nursing homes learn to respect older people and stop medicating them for what seems to be the benefit of the staff – not the patient..

So beware of who is asking yo to take what meds these days…Ask what the long term consequences are and exactly why a certain drug is being prescribed.


It think it was Mark Twain who said about weather “wait a minute and it will change.”

Anyway – here’s to that minute – no matter where you live….

This winter is odd – not having been in Portland for many winters, I am finding that cold when you live in a floating home is COLD COLD COLD…Not only do we not have basements, we have a river running under our floors..and heat rises – so you can guess what the floors feel like. I bought tent booties for this current arctic flow – figured if a booty as made for walking around a tent and campground, it would work for a floating home….Ahhhh my feet are finally happy…..

Not sure if my feeling cold is due to age, house or what – but I felt coder this past week than when it was 25 below back East…and that was before taking wind chill into effect. But being one to deny the age factor – I am sure it’s the floor : – )

And in other parts of the USA/ and other countries, the weather has been worse than it is here – so let’s hurry that minute up so we get back to “normal” – whatever that is in these days of climate change…

End of 2006 coming soon

Wow – this year went by at warp speed for me…..and when we turn the new year, it becomes another year I have been in Portland as I moved into my “new” place in early January 2004. These 3 years went as fast as did 2006…. Is it as we age that years seem to go by faster? I don’t know – but one thing I do know is that I am going to start doing some serious research on the psychology of aging and finally do the “book” that I have thought about for a long time. At present my thought is to make it a combo of research along with interviews of “real” people …. We are not the same older generation as our parents or the boomers…we are different…

As I’ve said before, many of us still work because we like what we do. We are not sitting back and waiting for old age to creep up – we are out there “keeping on keeping on.” We are growing older better and we are setting an example for those “kids” behind us : o )

Obesity – again

We are entering a new generation of obesity and now it’s not just adults who are obese – it is expected that the number of children who are obese will hit 20% by the year 2010 – that’s only FOUR years from now.

I heard or read somewhere that we are reaching that stage in obesity where this or the next generation of children will NOT have a longer life span than the parents…

Not only is obesity bad in and of itself, it makes all other medical problems worse….

I’ve been blogging about healthier children for a while now and hope the readers of this blog are among those who will not have obese children…It is something parents and grandparents have control over during the child’s early years…and good nutrition early on can never be a bad choice…

Please watch what your children and grandchildren eat and make sure they get exercise…. After all we want them to grow older better – just like we are : -)

One week into January

Are you still resolute?

Did you make goals for the year?

There are some [usually younger] who would wonder why we “old” people make resolutions or goals. I always remember a Lifespan class I taught many years ago in Boston. It was within a university unit which allowed those over 65 to take classes for free and my class included a man who had retired to Boston. [That alone seemed odd to many of the younger members of the class.]

One of our projects consisted of students interviewing people of different ages on topics such as work, family, future plans and death. Some of the younger members of the class were very uncomfortable with the idea of asking people in their 60’s, 70’s or older about a future or death. The 65-year-old man thought that was interesting. He told them that most his age would have no trouble answering those questions.

“After all,” he added, “some of you will die long before I do.” A long silence ensued and then we had a very lively discussion of life expectancy, risk taking and health…I still remember that particular class and I am guessing most in the class do as well.

We who are now older don’t mind discussing the future or our own plans and goals for it. Who knows how long we will live…but no matter how long it is – we need goals and plans. I have written mine – I have serious income producing plans for my business for this and future years..

Excelsior! [ I am a native New Yorker :)]