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Back to standard time

I’m not sure why this year is so different for me – the change of time was only a week different from what is used to be but my body is more mixed up. I sleep okay and wake up okay but I’m hungry at odd times…and I am tired earlier.

I could see if my stomach was off by an hour – but it’s way off…like I had supper at 3 PM today. I assume the tiredness is related to the dark so I try to get as much sunlight as possible during the day [and it’s great that we have not had the usual Portland cloudy drizzly days.]

And soon will come the stretch of time when it is still dark out at 7:50AM. That shocked me when I first moved out here. It’s just an odd sensation to have that drastic a change from what I was used to on the East coast…

Wonder how much of this might be related to aging? Exercising more? Different climate? It’s hard to separate out all the variables as I changed so many in the same time frame….