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When I Was Young, I Wanted To Be A ……


Me?  I always wanted to write.

When I was a kid, I used to write books for children.

They were usually about horses and/or dogs.


Anyway – I grew to be an adult who did write [and talk] about children because I was in the field of early childhood and developmental psychology – but I kept thinking about books for children.

Then somewhere in the early 70s I started writing some books, but in those pre-computer days it was typewriters, carbon paper, and sending manuscripts and queries to children’s magazine and book editors.

Never had much interest shown, but I still kept writing things for children, and things for adults. The adults ones, text books and Kindle books, were published and that was good.

BUT….I still wanted to write books for kids

Then a few weeks ago I thought okay – I saved all of these old type written papers and I looked and found them.

All sorts of writings. For children, adults, text book ideas, etc.  With all my many moves, it was remarkable that the old files were not lost over the decades.

So now I am going to use the advent of technology to put these ideas into books for Kindle.

Even in the pre-technology days, somewhere in my head I always wished there was some way that would make it easy for me to put my words and my pictures together and you that day has arrived.

I am so happy that the world of technology has finally caught up with all the things that I’ve always wanted to do!

So – I am going to write some children’s books

When you are young, what did you want to do? Did you? Will you?


Thank you.

Is It Age? Or Is It Me?

I seemed to have had a harder time adapting to the time change this Spring and gave it some thought.

Adapting To Light, Dark, And Other Phenomenon

time changes


I know, as I have aged, I am learning to accept that my body reacts differently to various phenomenon. 

For example if I do a lot of heavy work like lifting, hauling heavy stuff around, gardening etc. I need extra time to feel like I’m back to normal.

And, as I wrote, I do tend to hibernate in the winter and I think this has to do with light/dark [as opposed to my being a bear.]


In the Portland winter, it is dark until nearly 8 AM. I don’t think I’ve ever lived in a place where it is so dark so late in the morning that I am waking up when it’s still very dark out. 

This phenomenon can be adapted to.  We go from summer to fall – gradually losing a minute or two of morning daylight and we adapt. After a while, I am waking up in total darkness and that’s ok.

But then we suddenly shift the clock and this year I had a more difficult time adapting to the time change and I wonder if it’s age-related.

It took me almost 2 weeks to get back into the swing of getting up in the dark.

For me, the time changes are not a matter of gaining or losing an hour of sleep because I personally sleep the same amount of time. 

I figured it is the sudden shift of the light/dark cycle that gets me… 

We humans like to adapt to changes but it seems it is easier to adapt over some period of time than it is to adapt so suddenly.


 You? Comments? Thoughts?

Thank you



Tiredness – Thy Name Is Puppy

Tova the puppyWhy is a new puppy so tiring?

Let me count the ways 

Mostly she sleeps all night now but I am still tired every day.

Why? When she is awake she either wants me to play with her, or she has to go out , or she runs around the house and I have to follow her to make sure she doesn’t pee or poop where she’s not supposed to.

She is learning to run to the door or make noises when she does have to go out – but she has enough “mistakes” that I have to keep an eye on her.

Also,  I have to watch her outside to because of where I live [on the water.]

I’ve blocked off a lot of the deck with large containers of plants to make sure she can’t go to parts of the deck I can’t easily see from inside. But even so, there are ways that she could slip off because the decks are a bit slippery right now and as she’s a puppy – she doesn’t have that much control over her body. When she runs she can’t always stop on that proverbial dime.

Soon Tova will be more adult sized [with good manners] and I’ll look back on these days nostalgically [but a lot less tired.]

And maybe I’ll get the work projects done that need doing?

Comments? Thanks. 

Happy New Year; Happy New Puppy

Tova meets the outdoor plants

As a start to my new year –

I have a new puppy!


So happy new year to all of you and a hope-it’s-not-a-very-tiring new year to me 

It’s been almost 22 years since I had a new puppy.

That’s when my son was 13 and it was a birthday present for him so I not only had him to help me take care of a dog I also had another older dog who acted as a mentor. 

This is a new thing for me.

  • I am 22 years older
  • With a new puppy
  • in Portland [it rains a lot]
  • In a floating home 

I won’t bore you with puppy pictures and puppy tales all the time-  but I will occasionally post things about how having a new puppy is both a good idea for someone who is aging and also some of the pitfalls – like it’s hard to do some things and this will be a constant until we mesh schedules [which will happen soon as she is so smart]

Meet Tova!! My 2 month old yellow lab…..

Letting Your Hair Grow

Growing Hair

Let it fly in the breezehair
And get caught in the trees
Give a home to the fleas in my hair
A home for fleas
A hive for bees
A nest for birds
There ain’t no words
For the beauty, the splendor, the wonder
Of my…

Hair, hair, hair, hair, hair, hair, hair
Flow it, show it
Long as God can grow it
My hair

[from the musical Hair]


When I was in my early 20s – I let my hair grow and grow and grow.

My mother used to tell me “grown-ups don’t have long hair.”  

She also used to tell me I looked like an Indian – which was funny because she’s the one who told me that a secret of my father’s side of the family was that we have American Indian heritage.

Ah – memories. That hair growth was when I was in graduate school, it was the 60s and everyone had long hair – down to their backside, waist or wherever it wound up hanging down to.

So there I was, a grown up [of sorts] with long hair – and I let it stay long well into the 70s because I like my hair… and I had lots of earrings that I liked with long hair.

But – long hair can be a hassle. It gets in your face, nose, food, and eyes…. so one very hot summer day when my scalp felt itchy, I went and got it all cut off…..

And shortish it stayed until I was in law school…

But then I cut it off again…and kept it medium length or very short. For years.

Until I decided I wanted to let it grow.

No real reason except that those earrings I like with long hair kept looking at me – and I had kept them.

Alas – I’d forgotten what growing your hair out looks like….it goes through many ugly stages…so at first I kept trimming it to keep it out of my face and eyes…but then, of course, it grew back into my face and eyes..

Finally I bit the proverbial bullet and decided ugly, straggly or whatever – I was going to let it grow until it was long – and then decide what to do

It’s now long, it’s straggly, and it’s still growing……

How have you decided about your hair?

Can grown-ups really have long hair?

Is there any particular thing in your life that has led to long or short hair?

Thanks for the comments.




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