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Birthday Thoughts [for our adult kids]


35 years ago, at 3:55AM in Boston Massachusetts, I gave birth to a healthy baby boy!

Then, about 20+ years ago, when he was a teenager, we went to see City Slickers.

There is a scene where Billy Crystal is awoken at 5:16AM by his mother who reminisces about his birth.

She does this every year – and Billy Crystal mouths her exact words as she says them.

“Oh no” said my son, “I can see it now!”

Well – I never did start the reminiscing calls – because for one thing – 3:55AM and I have become strangers in these 35 years. But it keeps him wondering if I will!

But I can schedule this to appear at 3:55AM EDT 🙄

And for most of his birthdays, he calls me and says…”yes, mom, you HAVE aged [whatever age he is] years…because I tend to say how can you be [x age] when I have not aged that many years….

happy birthday

Do you have a birthday custom that has gone on as your kids grew into adulthood?


Please comment below and thank you.

  • Happy birthday to your son- and you should have called him to remind him :-)….

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