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April 22  


Me?  I always wanted to write.

When I was a kid, I used to write books for children.

They were usually about horses and/or dogs.


Anyway – I grew to be an adult who did write [and talk] about children because I was in the field of early childhood and developmental psychology – but I kept thinking about books for children.

Then somewhere in the early 70s I started writing some books, but in those pre-computer days it was typewriters, carbon paper, and sending manuscripts and queries to children’s magazine and book editors.

Never had much interest shown, but I still kept writing things for children, and things for adults. The adults ones, text books and Kindle books, were published and that was good.

BUT….I still wanted to write books for kids

Then a few weeks ago I thought okay – I saved all of these old type written papers and I looked and found them.

All sorts of writings. For children, adults, text book ideas, etc.  With all my many moves, it was remarkable that the old files were not lost over the decades.

So now I am going to use the advent of technology to put these ideas into books for Kindle.

Even in the pre-technology days, somewhere in my head I always wished there was some way that would make it easy for me to put my words and my pictures together and you that day has arrived.

I am so happy that the world of technology has finally caught up with all the things that I’ve always wanted to do!

So – I am going to write some children’s books

When you are young, what did you want to do? Did you? Will you?


Thank you.

  • I wanted to be a nurse from time immemorial. Then for 40 years I wondered WHY! But it is my calling. As for writing… well I some learning disabilities. I sure am very grateful for spell check and my laptop. (I remember doing my 10-20 page nursing case studies on old typewriters before correcting ribbon!). Blessings to you. Write well! 🙂

    • Hi and thanks for your comment. I teach online and have many nurses in my class. Most of them say what you did they always wanted to be a nurse. I to live with my spellchecker because I never learned to type – I think that was a conscious decision. I used carbon paper and when you made a mistake you had to type a whole page all over again! So instead of learning to type, I learned to write very succinctly 🙂

      Keep on writing yourself – it is a skill that can be constantly bettered!!


  • Up until high school I thought I would be a teacher. Then my options became teacher or social worker. I have been writing stories since I learned to write and always wanted to write a book. I am a social worker who has compiled many manuals, booklets, and guides and soon my book for teens will be published. Thanks for the reminder to stay the course. Congratulations!

    • HI Nicki – thanks for your comment and congrats to you too! I love that we can all find a way to do what we wanted to do as kids.

  • I’m a retired kindergarten teacher. I always taught writing to children. Now I write and illustrate picture books – both things I dreamt of doing since I was nine! I view retirement as another chance to pick what I want to be when I grow up!

    • HI Linda – thanks for the comment. Isn’t aging fun? We finally get to do what we wanted.


  • We seem to have been on a similar path. I wanted to be a print journalist and along the way I have published magazine articles and had a column in a local business journal.

    However, I get getting pushed into working with children and got my degree in developmental psych, worked in special ed, then in foster care, got a master’s in social work and now I’m writing about entrepreneurship for teens and young adults. How strange the paths we are led down whether or not they come from our dreams.

    • Thanks for the comment Julia. I went from teaching Kindergarten to being a Psychologist who wrote textbooks…and am now determined to do those children’s books that are in type. I wonder how many in the UBC followed similar paths? [That’s my research head talking]

  • Hi Lynn,
    Stopping by from UBC. I remember as a child I loved writing stories. However, I wanted to be an actor so that I could be in sitcoms, and cereal and toy commercials! I got in a improve class with kids who were professional TV and theater actors. When my I signed up I thought it was a beginners class, I felt like a duck out of water, but I finished and never went back.

    • LOL – tnx for the comment Stephanie. I hope that episode did not keep you from doing other “put yourself out there” activities.

  • I always wanted to be a teacher, from the time I was 5 on. Went that direction and now am an Education Coordinator for a historical society and a field hockey coach.
    Good luck with publishing via Kindle!!

    • Thank you for the comment Carrie. It’s fun when we actually get to do what we dreamed of way-back-when.


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