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Pets And Health

PuppyMany of us pet owners know that pets keep us saner, happier and healthier.


Now there is research that backs up our life experiences.

A recent study indicated that owning a pet, especially a dog, might reduce the risk of your having a heart disease.

Is it the constant walking, playing with, snuggling with or just having a living critter in your home that you have to take care of?

I know I have lost weight since getting my puppy – it’s the weight I put on after my old dog died.

It’s too easy to NOT take a walk in the early morning or late at night when you do not really have to…but with a puppy or a dog – those walks are necessary and are as good for you health-wise as they are for the puppy or dog.

So here’s to our pets… and if you are not a dog person, please do not go out and get one thinking it will be “good” for you…try taking care of a neighbor’s dog or puppy for a while first.


Pets come with lifetime commitments!!


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