What keeps you young?


November 30, 2009 in Aging

Aging is a universal process…we can slow it's effects on our body and brain but we can't stop the process.

Every so often I see an article about what helps us stay functioning and healthy and what is bad for us.

When I read of "bad" stuff in food and cosmetics I get more angry at federal agencies that "allow" a certain level of "bad" stuff in our food, air water and other things.  It's called an "acceptable" level….but what might be acceptable and safe for one person may be poison for another…

So in the face of all this – what does keep one young?  How does one "do" healthy aging?

Here is some of what keeps me young:

cup of coffeeI can read that coffee is bad for me and then I read that coffee is good for me.  I don't allow either thought to change my coffee habits…I love my morning coffee and have for a very very long time and coffee makes me feel great and hence helps me stay young. 

I love my pets and they also keep me young because I walk the dog a few times a daySheba the cat – which is good for him and me.  And my cat, Sheba,  is pure fun.  Having pets is part of who I am – if I ever had to live without a pet that would be very depressing and would therefore age me. 

Friends and social interactions keep me young.  I dog walk with neighbors so that's a two-fer and we have a very friendly neighborhood where "everyone knows your name" and there are few secrets – but it's a situation we laugh about – and laughing keeps us young too.

We know exercise is good for us and that it keeps our heart and body in better shape than does sitting around all day.  But do I get as much exercise as I need?   Probably not… it's too easy for me to skip exercise and that is something I most definitely am going to work on …… <later>

Being online keeps me young too.  The daily interactions with persons from all over the world and of all different ages makes me use a lot of brain cells.  We chat about different topics, I am up to date on world events and my brain gets a serious work out.

What keeps you young?

Pleas post a comment below about this – thank you

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