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Older and not liking colder

I used to LOVE winter – snow, sledding, ice forts and snowball fights, ice skating on the street, river or a pond, skiing in 40 below temperatures [before wind chill] but now I don't want to be outside in the cold.

Partly this is due to a few too many bouts of frost bite on the finger tips but now I am thinking it's also due at least a bit to aging.  Cold ain't so much fun anymore.

I am sitting here in extremely cold for us Portland wishing I had gone to Florida with a friend for a month…then I'd be warm there and return here after the arctic bast goes away.

cats and cold weather

But here I am, not enjoying the cold this winter, and neither are my neighbors or my pets.  I  know that when it gets back into the 40's during the day and above freezing at night – I'll feel better….and in the interim all I can say is YUCK!

winter water safety "pee-er"

[Sheba in front of the heater]


And to keep the moorage water system from freezing like it did last winter – some have new pee-ers


Your comments?  Anyone over 60 enjoying arctic blasts or nasty cold? 

What is the difference for you?  

Thank you in advance for commenting…..