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November 26  

Happy Thanksgiving or Happy Thursday

I love Thanksgiving – but it has not been a family holiday in ages and has rather become an extended-family holiday where friends and visitors gather for a pot luck feast.  This was true in Boston, then in D.C. and now here in Portland.

What started years ago, well before I moved here, is what is called "Orphan Thanksgiving" – and it has become an anticipated event.

Many years ago, my neighbors were staying here for Thanksgiving and put out an invite to anyone who was also not going anywhere.  Since it was such fun, it has since become the destination spot for Thanksgiving – so much so that fewer go away and instead arrive with visiting family and friends.

As we are a small neighborhood most everyone knows everyone else and a relaxing day with all sorts of good food to eat and good wine and beer to drink makes for a grand afternoon and evening.  [With football games on of course!]

And we all live within walking distance so there is never a need to drive and be in traffic…..

So readers, whether you spend toady with family, biological or extended, or take the time to get away for a vacation, enjoy today and remember that being social is good for your health!

PS Don't forget to share lots of your social-ness with those 4 footed neighbors and family : – )

In our neighborhood the water fowl are already gathering – they know lots of bread crumbs are coming today….

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