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November 16  

I love Thanksgiving – now that I am an adult.  thanksgiving pot luck

As a child, I did not like it  – we spent the day with relatives and I was bored – it was the pre-TV days.

Most of those relatives were not child oriented and had nothing around for me to do.   [Well – I did get to really really love the Bronx Zoo.]

As I got older I said no to those family outings and my parents invited the relatives to our house.  Then I could disappear into my room where I had "stuff" to amuse me – or I could skip out and go to a friend's house.

After I moved to Boston, I started doing Thanksgiving with friends there and those friends became family.  My mother came up sometimes but then she moved to Florida and her Thanksgiving visits were less frequent.

Out in Portland, Thanksgiving is a neighborhood potluck event.  It started several years before my arrival – and is a fun filled afternoon – good food, good wine and beer and super company … It's become so popular that few plan on going anywhere for Thanksgiving.   We invite friends and relatives to come here.  We stay put as most can walk to the event and we are all thankful for all that we have.

What are you thankful for this year?  health?  wellness?  friends?  pets?  

We all have a lot to be thankful for and although Thanksgiving is the main day for giving thanks – being thankful or grateful is something we can be everyday – all year long!

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