Staying Put For A Change

Lynn Dorman, Ph.D. // Aging


October 5  

October is my month of too many ambivalent feelings, many good and bad memories and way too many moves!


But this October is different!

I'm staying put and it is a record breaking event!

Since leaving New York City, I have not lived in the same home for more than 8 years….

Much as I do hate moving – I did it so regularly.

Moving was usually preceded by fixing up the house – painting etc. before selling it.

Now? I am in the same house for going on 9 years and the fixing up, painting and remodeling are all for ME!

It is an odd feeling..

I still don't love the rainy winters here – but I've learned to live with them – and since my son moved back to D.C. – I can go visit there or take a trip to another drier location…or stay here and ski [much more fun now that it is free]

An oddball thing that I have learned from this is that some small appliances like toaster ovens and microwaves are made to last only 7-8 years! As I was moving and usually not taking them with me I never knew that…

I know now as I have had to replace them..

My next thought is: can I live here longer than I lived in NYC?

Followed by: do I want to?


Comments? Thoughts? Thank you.

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