Confused About Medicare?

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October 17  

Are you confused about all your Medicare choices?


It's "open enrollment season" which means every plan in your state may be contacting you!



It also means that almost every plan in you state will mail you some information and maybe invite you to call them or meet with them..

One Oregon plan offered a "free" re-useable shopping bag if I met with them.

Let's see – drive about a 20 round trip [maybe use a gallon of gas for almost $4.00]  – plus spend my time driving and then listening to a sales pitch.

For that I get something I can get at for a few bucks…and I can never recoup the time..

Now if I were interested in that plan I'd go – but then if it were that good they would not have to entice me with a cheap promo item.

For those who do go to these "events" – aka sales pitches – PLEASE – be careful…


If you sign on to that plan – confused-about-a-contractyou are locked into it for the upcoming year!

It is a legal contract – one you should not be pressured into signing.

You have until December 7th to make your decision.


There is absolutely no reason to be pressured.


Comments? Thank you….

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