Plants as Living Thoughts


 Years ago, my mother gave me a cutting of a plant that a friend had given her years and years before that.  The friend was one of her childhood friends and my mom asked me to keep the plant growing as a reminder of that friend [Aunt Peggy]  who was part of my childhood. 

The plant never did much in D.C. and New England but it was cool looking and so I kept it growing.  It was one I had in the car with me when I left Vermont and eventually moved to Oregon.   

Two other plants that made the cross-country trip were a jade plant and a Christmas cactus from my friend Freda who had given me cuttings about 15 years earlier.  [All my other plants were given to friends as I had no spare room in my car and was not going to land anywhere for a long time.] 

I eventually learned the plant from my mom was an epiphyllum and that it just loved Portland’s weather.  In a few years it began to bloom and outgrew many pots and got too big and heavy to bring inside in the winter.  






 The other 2 grew more slowly and so I had room in the house for them each winter.

Fast forward to last winter and our artic blast and record setting cold 🙁   My epiphyllum was wrapped in layers and was well sheltered or so I thought.  I checked it regularly and one day it seemed "funny" so I managed to bring it in.   Seems it died from the roots up so I did not see the damage until it was too late.

I found one small piece of solid green and put that in a rooting mix and in a small pot.  I watched it daily and as long as it remained green I repeated the rooting powder and watering. 

new growth of my epiphyllum

Then this past August – a full 8 months after I started this tender care – it started growing…At that point I realized more fully that it was my mother’s presence in my house. 

I really feel good that her request of me to keep it growing had been accomplished.  So Aunt Peggy and Mom – your epiphyllum is still alive – as are my love and thoughts aobut you.

My Freda plants are doing well – but Freda died this past July.  

Love you too Freda and will keep the plants healthy.Jade Plant


P.S. ALL houseplants are now in for the winter







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