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October 11  

I’m sorry if these get repetitious but I find them funny but sad as well since people do fall for them.   It’s another take on "you can get money here" scams.  First they scam you by promising that you can get money – then they scam you by saying you’ve been scammed    and that they can help you get your money back.  

PLEASE STAY AWAY from all of these. 

Attention : Beneficiary,

My name is Interpol John Brown, we are fraud investigating international police attached with United Nations international police unit Cotonou We cover West African country with our men. We discovered that you are among

the list of foreigners that fell victims of fraudulent activities of some scam men here.

From our investigation, we discovered that you have lost some money to fulfill your endless financial obligation with these criminals I discovered that MANY who claim to be YOUR PARTNER AND FRIEND IN BUSINESS INCLUDING YOUR PRESENT BUSINESS PARTNER used your money to buy properties here ,however, they are now on the run but they would be writing you from hiding due to mobile internet services.

We also found out that you sent money to THEM WITH HOPE OF MAKING A BIG MONEY Please we want to know how much you send to THEM, to enable us include it in the money we are proposing to return to you immediately.

They are the people that told you series of sweet good stories ,and you believe them not knowing they are scam artist.We need your absolute cooperation to enable us recover all your fund and send it back to you so

that you reposition your damaged financial life.

Note,that those who claim to be your partner are corrupt citizens and have already distributed your Funds among themselves and the names of this hoodlums are,we have already arrested Mr.Shamsudeen Usman, while

Dr.Charles Soludo is on the run so you have to be very careful in all your dealing with anyone henceforth,infact you are been advise to forward all further corespondent’s to my private email for further investigation. 

 These are so like the old Nigerian scam letters that used to come in the mail box – but with widespread internet usage they have proliferated.  Sadly they abound since people do fall for them.  It’s a good deed to warn older family members and neighbors about these kinds of emails.



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