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Mail like this makes me ANGRY

Today I got this in the mail.

a bit misleading

The most noticeable feature of the envelope is the black and white pattern – along with the  ALL CAPS WORDS TELLING ME HOW IMPORTANT THIS IS – AND THAT. IT. IS. RELATED.TO. MEDICARE!!

Only if you turn the envelope over and read the much smaller print that says " This is an advertisement" do you know it’s not really from the Social Security Adminsitration – why?

Because below is what an offical envelope from Social Security looks like.

official envelope from Social Security

Hmmm… Legal?  Yes.  Misleading?  To many – also a yes!   And of course the leter inside lets you know that you can call for FREE INFORMATION  [also all caps]  and that if you give them your phone number you are giving them permission to have a sales representative call you.

If you or anyone you know are Medicare eligible – PLEASE warn them about these letters.