Lynn and the name Gray Wolf Productions


 A young Lynn

            About Lynn

I’ve always been interested in a million things – usually many of them at the same time.  

I’d learned to live with this fact about myself although comments from others often made me stop and wonder if I was an alien or something was “wrong” with me.  

[photo of Lynn as a toddler]

I’ve collected degrees [BA,AM, PhD, and JD] and worked as an attorney, kindergarten teacher, 5 and 10 cent store clerk, college professor, therapist, evaluator, researcher, ski instructor, etc. and left them all behind to move onto other adventures.  I’ve moved around a lot too – coast to coast and found a religion that fit me better than the one I was raised in.

[Then there are all the hobbies, sports and musical interests that I engage in.]

I don’t do well working for others for long periods of time so no “real” full time job lasted more than two years.  Self-employment seemed the only path and that’s what I have been doing most of my adult life.

A few years ago a friend of mine came to visit and in the course of our conversations she figured I was a scanner – a term I never heard before in the context of a type-of-person.

This  intrigued me and I started reading about scanners.  Once I read Refuse to Choose by Barbara Sher – I had one of those “oh my g-d; that’s me” moments!

It had a very profound effect on me as some internal thought mechanisms made a rapid shift.

This is still a quite novel feeling and I haven’t really analyzed it – I’m just happy to finally know I am not an alien nor is there anything “wrong” with me – I’m a Sybil-type scanner.  And instead of bemoaning the fact that I did not know this for the last 50-60 years – I was able to say “Hey – I am so glad I learned this before I turned 70!”

Sybils start a lot of projects, are surrounded by creative clutter [interspersed with bouts of organizing it] and can leave unfinished projects unfinished.   [Yup that’s me.]  

In my midish 60’s I found a way to combine most of my interests under an umbrella business where my many thoughts, ideas and areas of expertise could find a home and find each other.

 I love to write, take pictures, make videos, talk, read, teach, offer advice and be a fun person.  Gray Wolf Productions allows me to do this.  And now that I know it’s really ok to have all these interests – I feel and am so much more productive!  A major “something” has been lifted from my soul/psyche/brain.



About the Name

Gray Wolf Productions 

 [photo of Ethel Gray, my mother circa early 1930’s] 

Gray Wolf has meaning for me on many levels.  

My heritage contains Native American ancestry,  I have always loved wolves, Gray is a family name and gray is what happens when we age [I color mine  ] and the company will produce informative materials.

As the name includes so much of me, it seemed the perfect name for a company that includes so much of me.

 Let me welcome you to grow older better, a division of Gray Wolf Productions, my “scanner umbrella.”

Look around the site and start scanning horizons with me…

I am a part of all that I have met;
Yet all experience is an arch wherethro’
Gleams that untravell’d world, whose margin fades
For ever and for ever when I move.
How dull it is to pause, to make an end,
To rust unburnish’d, not to shine in use!

Come, my friends.
‘Tis not too late to seek a newer world.
Push off, and sitting well in order smite
The sounding furrows; for my purpose holds
To sail beyond the sunset, and the baths
Of all the western stars, until I die.
To strive, to seek, to find, and not to yield.
Alfred Lord Tennyson – Ulysses

                        sailing off into the sunset

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