I love the sky and what’s in it


plane and clouds as I approach PDX


When I was a kid I loved lying on the ground watching clouds, planes, birds and stars.  We lived sort of near Idlewild [now JFK]  so planes have been part of my life forever.


Now I live near PDX and watch a very different assortment of planes – colorful jets and Air Force F-15s – but as I am also on water, I see herons, osprey, eagles, etc.

They all share my sky. 

No matter how old I get, I will always be a kid watching my sky – it's my way of growing older better.

Native of NYC who moved a lot, got several degrees, and has been a lifelong writer and reader... I am interested in many things - and I write [and teach] about them - especially the human lifespan and healthy aging

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