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Open Season for Medicare and the 1st one turned me off already!

It’s that time of year again!  Open Season for Seniors!  Or is it Open Season ON Seniors?  

[I was going to say "pissed me off" in the title but thought that would turn some of you off so I put that in in another way – so glad I use Thesis]

Open season, starting on Nov. 15th, is when you can change your Medicare Advantage Plans – but the mail starts flowing now!

Mailboxes get stuffed regularly – which is good for the Postal Service I guess.  But it is also a time of year that Medicare recipients are targeted by less-than-scrupulous persons and vendors.

And even from the scrupulous [I think] – one gets come-ons like "meet with us and get a free calendar!"  A free calendar?  The kind one gets for free from so many businesses for doing nothing?  Wow – sign me up – not!

I value my time and if you want me to look at your options make it easy; online or by being informative in your mailings.  And make your online information more comprehensive than the ad you mail.  I for one do not wish to meet with any sales person or give you information when your disclaimer lets me know I am "authorizing" you to contact me!  

Maybe I am "allowing" you to contact me.  But authorize?  No way.  That means a sales person will call and call and call.  I get enough of those calls as is which is why I love Caller ID and the ringer shut off .

And please don’t belittle my intelligence and devalue my time by offering me a damned calendar in exchange for meeting with you!!