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September 24  

My first post on the WordPress site and it’s about these ubiquitous scammers.

I know some believe these letters or they’d stop – but I sure hope that by posting on my blog – YOU don’t buy into this scam.

Clear alarms – It makes up agency names and does not write in correct English. "Real" Federal personnel would not be allowed to let this kind of writing out the door.

Then – It tries to scare you inot thiking you and your banking are being monitored.  

Lastly it asks for all sorts of "compulsory" information –

let me tell you if the Feds wanted to find you – they know where you live. 

Please do not fall for these and do let others know of these scams.


International Debt Funds Recoup Unit of

United States Department of the Treasury Washington DC .

1500 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW ;

Washington , DC 20220  

Be enlighten that United States Department of the Treasury Washington DC in active virtual with Federal Bureau of Investigation FBI have escalated our watch on your computer and telephone communication because we discovered you have been communicating with imposters imposing as bank officials.

We have monitored transaction list of the Western Union and the Wal-Mart Money Gram for transaction made on your name and transaction made through your bank account and our general findings urged us to set up multifaceted maximum security on your everyday activities most specially your email correspondence and telephone communications.  

Base on how fascinating your case turned out to be we deployed representatives of International Debt Funds Recoup Unit of United States Department of the Treasury Washington DC and agents of Federal Bureau of Investigation FBI to investigate if there was any inheritance funds as a result of contract payment owe to you by the bank which name is not disclosed here and to our dismay it was discovered from the records of the Foreign Operation Department that your name appeared as a beneficiary of contract payment funds valued US$12.8Million United States Dollars.

The assembly of American Government agency sent on your behalf to the bank confirmed that the procedure and blueprint of your funds recoup was fair and just considered opinion by the Bank and the outcome of the event was a solution to curtail activities of con artist and it was a perfect solution to your quest on your inheritance funds.

Finally the recouped inheritance funds have arrived US Treasury Washington DC allotted into Cash Consignment Baggage and is currently deposited in US Treasury Basement Washington DC. To claim your funds reconfirm your personal information stated as following below that will be used for the delivery of the Cash Consignment Baggage to your location.

1.  First Name

2.  Middle Name:

3.  Last Name:

4.  Home Phone Number:

5.  Cell Phone Number:

6.  Fax (If Available):

7.  Home Address:

This is compulsory instruction.

God Bless America .

Mr. Michael Cena


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