Do You Want To Be Healthy? Then stop eating rocks and dirt!


rocksLately there have been “big” news articles about the downside of taking supplements. I previously wrote about one study regarding older women.

The latest news is that taking calcium supplements may lead to a higher incidence of heart attacks. So it is now suggested that one get calcium through food sources.

My issue with all these studies is that they do not tell you what “supplements” the people were taking. This is important because there are “supplements” and there are supplements!

And the problem with the “food” solution is that food is not food anymore – it’s pink slime, fillers and genetically modified yuk! [yup – my bias is showing]

What can we do to get better nutrition?

Try these tips

Tip 1

For starters, bake your current supplements in the oven for 10 minutes at 350 degrees. Do the results look like baked food or do your supplements now look black and oozy?

Black and oozy suggests they are made from rocks, petroleum and coal tar. And yes – that is allowed – and is what 95% of supplements in North America are made from!

Tip 2

Read the supplement labels and try pronouncing the words out loud. Do they sound like food words or chemical words?

Tip 3

If the results of Tips 1 and 2 scare you – then try Tip 3
Buy vitamins that are food based! Bodies are made to process foods, not chemicals like the product to your right.


And you always contact me about this product via my Mannatech business site….

And the disclaimer – if you buy any products I mention on my sites or in my blog posts, I am an affiliate, and if you buy from my link – I do make some money. 

And so can you!!


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