Muses and Emotions: Is It Aging or Is It Me?

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June 12  


I woke up with this post in my head and I’m slowly learning to just “go with it.”

So I went with it


Over the years I’ve seen that I work in cycles of various lengths.

Jobs? Two years max!

Daily exercise at a club? About 1.5 years!

Regular worship attendance?  Very varied so I guess it is never what you could call “regular.”  

But writing? That’s one part of me with a cycle I cannot yet figure out. And after the last few weeks I am no longer trying to figure it out – I'm sort of just "accepting" it's cycle….[or whatever it has] 

I just finished up an e-book about the 10 Commandments [a political snarky take on same] and I thought “wow! I’m on a roll with writing – let me finish up another of the ones I’ve started.”  [There are more than a few.]

Bad idea. I could not put words to computer at all or even work at videos, etc. – instead I sniped at anyone who talked to me.

I was in a very foul mood and still I tried to write.  It was not working at all and I was getting grouchier.

Then I basically said, “screw this” and decided to give up on writing about anything.  It felt like a big defeat.  

I took a staycation. I played computer games, read a whole lot of books, spent time on web browsers – mostly feeling like my own words had left my head forever.  

But aha!

After 2 weeks, the muse came back. I am writing this, getting back to videos, and I working on material for a class I teach.

But that muse won’t touch e-books right now!  

Lesson learned? My muse did not desert me.

  • She needed a break. 
  • She too has a cycle – just like me.

Why did I not know this?

  • Because when I was in my foul mood I was not thinking.  

I'm not sure if it's part of an aging experience and emotional changes, if it's just me or just situational

2nd lesson learned?   When in a foul mood – do not make major decisions about anything – and do not try to write!   

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