Birthdays and Water


January 28, 2009 in 

Birthdays come once a year for each of us. Mine came and went and was a non-event. Last year I promised to have a party every year – that was after 2 good friends had died and I thought I should celebrate each birthday. Good idea – but bad timing 😀

I have the good fortune of being an Aquarius – but in North America – in the places I have lived – that is more generally cold/rain/snow or yuk weather for parties.

And this year, like every 4 years, it is right after Inauguration Day. For the last few Inaugurations, that did not matter, but this one did – and I helped organize an Inauguration Watch breakfast on the 20th and went to a big bash that night.

But the final reasons for not having a party, not counting that I was already partied out – were 1] I had an all day meeting on my birthday so having a party the night before or night of was not a good idea BUT the real kicker ? 2] when I tried figuring out how to cook and clean with no running water in the kitchen!

Amazing how spoiled we have become. There are people without running water in the house and I complain about lack of same in the kitchen…It’s made me think about getting more involved with organizations that work around the word to help others get clean running water.

Water is so necessary for our health and so easy to come by [except in my kitchen :D] that we who are so lucky to live with running water ought to help those who live without. It would make the world a better place for all of us.

On February 12th the world-wide Twitter community is hosting Twestivals which bring together Twitter communities for an evening of fun and to raise money and awareness for charity: water

So go Twitter , meet great people and do good….

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