Downsizing? Live Near Portland Oregon?

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February 3  

This week, many of the shelves at Community Warehouse are almost empty!

We are nearly out of the following items:

Pots and Pans
Baking Dishes
Cooking Utensils
Can you help?

65 low-income households in need of essential items and furniture will visit us this week for assistance. Your donations are needed and appreciated! There’s no need to buy new. We accept used items as long as they are in good condition.

We are open every day 10-4 to receive donations. If you need to schedule our truck to pick up furniture, please call (503) 235-8786.

Community Warehouse
2267 N. Interstate Avenue
Portland, OR 97227
(503) 274-4750

Community Warehouse is a local non-profit organization that receives donated basic household items and furniture from individuals and businesses, and gives them to low-income people recovering from crisis such as homeless or domestic violence. Over 65 households are served each week.

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