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May 18  

I work better when I have a nice view…a room of one’s own with a view is a combo of titles that works for me.

I am in the process of re-arranging my office so I can see the river when I work and see a wall with nice photos when I look up from the desk…

Now I see my neighbor’s house out the window and my not-so-neat sink washing machine area when I look up and scan the room.

I was going to await the help of son and his significant other as they both have superb spatial orientation skills [a function I am totally lacking] but they won’t be out here for a while and I want my room to have the view that works for moi..

I am one of those people who literally has to move the furniture around to see if it fits and works – I can not plan it out mentally….but I do have a physical plan on how to do this with a bit of ease – it requires taking a piece of my L- shaped desk out and leaving it out as it creates a space problem…

Over the years I have noticed that this lack of spatial orientation is found more in females….it leads to my having problems with maps, directions, and knowing my right hand from my left – but I have adapted to it over a lifetime – it just means taking “alternative routes” and moving a lot of furniture.

Not sure if it’s gotten better or worse as I aged .. never really kept track of the problems I have had with directionality ..it never seemed important – it was just “me.”

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