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How many times can one say "here we go again?"

I guess the answer is: as long as the big pharmas push for their bottom line and not anyones health !

The most recent “news:”

WASHINGTON: Another study has found that diabetes drugs intended to help patients live longer, healthier lives may in fact increase the chances they will die — this time of heart attacks and other causes.

The news, published in the New England Journal of Medicine, set off a clamour by consumer groups, heart experts and Congress — some of whom question the safety of all drugs in this class after a number of studies that have shown liver, heart and bone side effects.

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I really feel badly for anyone who has to take serious medication for life threatening illnesses…but while the pharmaceutical companies rake in obscene profits – they are producing products that hurt the very people they say they are helping.

And what got me more angry – was that an article I first read about this issue – went on to lament that the drug company’s stock prices fell..

Really lets you know what is the most important aspect of this issue – doesn’t it?