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Sailing again – after all these years

I had not been on a sailboat since the mid-60’s – but as I live on a river and love water – figured it was about time to go sailing.

All it took was a few friends suggesting that it was time for me to join OWSA [Oregon Women’s Sailing Assn.] – and so I joined.

Last night I went out on my 1st Wednesday nite fun cruise – and it was fun – just like advertised. There was the captain and 4 crew. We all got a chance to do all aspects of crewing…..There was a nice wind which picked up when the cold front moved through. Of course the cold front also brought cold pounding rain with it….and we got wet….especially me as I had been determined it would NOT rain so had left my rain jacket home and took a sweatshirt….but after the front moved off it was not so cold but the wind died and we motored back to the moorage..

I had kayaked across the river to Hayden Island to the boat so had to kayak against the current to get back home – which I did very rapidly as it was nearing dusk and I did not feel like digging out my light from where I stashed it in my bag….made it!

Next week – new crew – different boat…I can’t wait….