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February 4  

This was written by a member of my art group: ORA – after she took a look around the museum and saw what we had hung – and without us there to impede the vision.

None of us in this group is really young in age – but we are all young at heart.
Age is no barrier to our, or anyone’s, constantly pushing ourselves in our lives!

So – continue to Grow Older Better!

After everyone left our set up at the Oregon Jewish Museum I took one last look around. This is what I saw:

Diane Fredgant’s brilliance on silk: creation, the red sea, blessings, journeys, explosions of color!

Sharon Segal’s suitcase series that create memories of travels we’ve had and travels we’ve only dreamed of.

Laura Joy Fendel takes us to Miriam’s well; a three dimensional fabric piece that makes you want to drink the rich deep blue waters of healing,

Robin Esterkin’s portraits of women and men that recall another century.

Sara Harwin’s geometric newest ultrasuede interpretations of hebrew words and their deeper meanings.

Esther Liberman’s meticulous beadwork (a journey in the making, no doubt): a memorial candle for Miriam,
and jewelry exquisite beyond words!

Leslie Elder’s luscious water colors depicting a family’s journey to Ein Gedi, the dance of Miriam, and more.

Rosana Berdichevsky’s collages that blend words and images and color that bring you comfort- that bring you home.

Sabina Wohlfeiler has taken us to her childhood as a displaced person in Germany to her arrival in the US, and now to her artistic visions as a contemporary painter.

Lynn Dorman has created a delightful photographic album of her Exodus from the east coast to the promised land of Portland.

….and I’m feeling pretty good about the glass seder plate I created to honor the memory of six women who survived the Holocaust and became role models for me.

Yes, there is even more than I have described here…..!

If you’re still reading this, please join us for our opening. Most of us will be there to welcome you.
Robin, Rosana, and Julie….we wish you all speedy healing.

Eddy Shuldman

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