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February 17  

After a fairly wet and/or chillingly damp stretch of time – we had a sun break today.

Mt. Hood was so visibly clear that I was tempted to hop in my kayak and go take some photos but my better sense prevailed.

To take photos while on the river I have to stop paddling – and it was very windy… the current was pretty strong too which meant that I would be drifting rapidly backwards while trying to get a good shot…

And so that shot I have wanted will still have to wait…..I like to think that as we age we get smarter about taking chances. I still ski but that’s not all that dangerous as I was always a controlled skier. – and I drive…but like not kayaking on a cold windy day I have also curtailed my jay walking as I am not so sure I can outrun those drivers anymore.

Here’s hoping the weather where you are gets good soon too! It’s been a bad winter for lots of people. But whatever you do when it gets nicer out – do it sensibly : – )

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