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January 31  

My art group, ORA [], was asked to mount a 2 week show at the Oregon Jewish Museum [] and we chose an Exodus theme.

For months my mind had been a blank on what and how to do this. Then in December I remembered that my son had asked me to write down some tidbits about my life as he was interested in “things I used to do” – so for him – I had started that… He even gave me a sort of title: From Cambria Heights to Portland. In addition, over the last few years I have been sorting through family and my own photos – over 70 years of pictures – yow!

Then it hit me! It was exactly 40 years between my leaving New York City and arriving in Portland…that could not be a coincidence I said. And voila – From Cambria Heights to Bridgeton Road: my 40 year journey to the promised land – was born!

At least it the idea was there -but no logistics – except my mind was focused on maps and photos. I yelled “help” to old friends and new for over a month – and suddenly the other day one local friend came up with an idea from a magazine she was looking at – and I then put out a “help” request on a mastermind business call that same night. Guess what – a woman on the call had seen something similar to the magazine idea with an added component – and so the planets aligned for me – the two ideas gelled and I am now in the process of putting the idea onto foam boards that will be hung in the Museum this Sunday for the opening next week!

There really are no coincidences – I have always been a believer in the idea that everything fits together and this sure is an example… This display is an abridged version of the journey – there are several of us in ORA and the museum is not spacious…so I am thinking of later doing an ebook using many more of my writings and photos and dedicating it to my son…

Will take photos of the museum project and post them here…

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