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The birthday came [and went]

I just had my 68th birthday – and had a birthday party too. I was so glad I decided to change thoughts about doing a party.

Friends and neighbors came – many bearing food and wine [learned here that asking people not to bring anything falls on deaf ears] so we ate and ate and had some good wines and many deserts. This morning I found some deserts that had gotten placed in safe spots and never made it to the table…Safe is needed as my dog’s mouth reaches all surfaces and even so – he helped himself to some food that got too near the edge of the table : o ) [and given the chewed wine corks I guess he tried those as well]

So for someone who dislikes her own birthday parties it was worth doing. I felt very lucky not only to be alive but to be surrounded by such neat caring people. Guess I’ll have to plan parties for a few more years to come as the candles were a 6 and an 8 – and someone suggested that I can re-use them for my 86th!

So here’s to that 86th birthday party!