Boomers: No Longer The Healthiest Generation


boomer couch potato

Baby boomer?

Better watch that lifestyle!


Wow – for years the thinking was that the exercise-conscious generation, who ate organic food and who tended to not smoke, were healthier than past generations.


But no – boomers are unhealthier!!

Never mind the fact that Baby boomers have been dubbed the Healthiest Generation, since they have the longest life expectancy of any previous generation, and that  they were able to exploit advances in medical care and reap the benefits of public health campaigns highlighting the dangers of smoking and unhealthy diets. That moniker may simply no longer apply, since it turns out that they have higher rates of hypertension, diabetes, obesity and high cholesterol than members of the previous generation


This is a far different version of where we are going as a culture then we previously thought.  Will we, the older-than-boomers stay healthy enough to help take care of the generation after us? 

Will their kids also be unhealthy?

Our national obesity levels indicate that today’s children may not live as long as did their parents.  We are in fact shortening their lifespans!  

And now we see it is creating potential disabilities in the boomer generation.

Where does this all lead in terms of aging?  public policy?  health guidelines?

I don’t know – but it shows boomers and the rest of us all need to make BIG changes to get and keep being as healthy as we can….

I am a believer in the idea that anyone can make changes at any time in their  lives.  

BUT – the time to start is


obesity and belly fat















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