Watch Out! Take Care! It’s Your Money They Want!

Lynn Dorman, Ph.D. // 


October 1  

I know my readers are an intelligent group of people but I still feel obligated to mention the rash of new scams and potential new scams that are going on or likely to go on.

The USA is in a financial mess and it is affecting most all of us here and around the world. I won’t go into my take on this in this blog – that I’ll save it for another blog…

But the scammers are out in full force trying to take your money away form you in the form of “helping” you.

I have gotten calls on my business line about accounts I do not have, I get emails about helping me sell my house, and I see signs all over my neighborhood along the lines of: “Need Cash? We will sell your house in x days!”

There are more emails about “my” bank accounts needing to be reconciled…….

These are all scams and are designed to have you turn your bank accounts and houses over to a scammer!.

Please ride out the ups and downs of this financial mess….Do not make impulsive decisions about your property or your money.

Do not be embarrassed if you start to fall for one of these scams – people do it all the time….Don’t let embarrassment stop you from asking or calling for help!

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