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September 28  

This country is having an energy crisis but that’s not the one I am speaking of right now…I tend to do that elsewhere : -)

Do you have as much energy as you did say 10 or 20 years ago? I have been thinking about this as a few friends [some older, some younger] have said how tired they are feeling lately. It has nothing to do with exercising as they all exercise to some extent.

It may have to do with the declining daylight but I’m not sure of that as it was not mentioned in years past.

I find that my energy varies widely depending on what I am doing and I’m not so sure it’s always age related…I recall when I was a New Yorker who lived a 24-hour-day most of the week. My friends and I lived on little sleep when we were in college…NY never sleeps and neither did we…at least for stretches of time…but I was in my late teens and early 20’s….I then moved to sleepier cities and my habits changed…or was it the fact that I was getting older? Hard to separate the factors.

But back to 2008. I seem to have more energy than others younger than I…I just had a busy week [which helps account for the lack of posts here – it’s election season.] Here it’s been election season for a long time as our primary was in later May – but right now it’s getting very busy and I am politically active..So I’ve been to meetings and fund raisers – which are actually fun parties – but don’t tell anyone.. Most think of politics as dreary. It energizes me!

So is my energy coming from the politics or did the new fat loss supplement give me an energy edge? The two happened simultaneously and when I was a researcher – I tended to look at correlations between factors – and I still do. I have also lost more waist inches and a few more pounds. Is it the body change that is energizing me? [or all of the above?]

Not knowing the specific answer – my thinking is to not change any of what I am doing…Because? I prefer being energized to not being energized – it’s part of my healthy aging “program.”

And – If nothing else I sure feel good – in fact I feel great and I love that feeling!

New mantras for us? Feeling great at 68 ! [and soonish] Feeling fine at 69!

And there is a link at the top right of the page or HERE so you can find out more about this product I am taking.

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