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October 4  

I, a sometimes cynic, am totally impressed with the energy I have of late.

In my cycling class, for the first time since I started over 2 years ago, I kept up with most of what the instructor was doing – I usually can not. [And she was into standing runs and sprints which I do not like and they generally wear me out quickly.]

But not now….I have been running – I am waking up very early which is an odd Fall pattern for me as I generally only wake up this early in the summer…

Where is all this energy coming from? The only change I have made in my life was to start taking a new fat loss product. It spares lean muscle as it targets fat. I can only guess that in losing fat [another inch in the waist and hips] I am changing something in my body balance and that is producing the energy….and I am exercising more strenuously because I have that energy…so I am burning more calories and … and … and …. Some of the ability to maintain the higher level of exercise may be the few accumulated months of taking another product that helps reduce soreness and stiffness due to physical activity or overexertion. It just may be that from now on it WILL take longer for me to wear out when I bike…We’ll see – and I’ll keep you posted.

I also tried an experiment for a few days last week. After exercising in the AM – I kept my heart rate monitor on for several hours. It’s true – exercising does keep you burning calories for hours afterwards – 200 calories an hour for me – up to 5 hours later [when I took off the monitor as the chest strap gets annoying.] I put the monitor on one day when I did not exercise in the AM.. I burned substantially fewer calories that day when all else was the same except for not exercising.

My body is functioning much better these days and I ain’t getting younger 🙂 so it’s got to be something else. I’ll keep taking the products because I assume it is they that are doing the good things for me as they are creating my personal version of healthy aging.

And I really have to add this – it’s making me money ! I am an associate for the company that markets the fat loss product. Neighbors are joining my business and/or just buying the product. They are impressed with my noticeable increase in energy and the lost inches! And in this economy – they love the idea that they too can make money…so it’s a win win win. Why ? This business model works well in a recession… right now who can’t use extra money every month?

[You can learn more about the product and the potential income by clicking on the link at the top right on this page.]

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