Vitamins and Older Women: Some Thoughts

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October 11  

There was recent news that taking multivitamins was bad for the health of "older" women.

I read the research summary and nowhere did it tell me what vitamins were studied other than "popular" ones. The conclusions were that we are wasting our money and harming our health.

Not surprising as 95% of all vitamin/mineral supplements are synthetic!! And those synthetic ones are made of rocks, petroleum and other "natural" ingredients.

Yes legally they can be called "natural" but they aren't foods. So the next time you read the label and it says natural vitamins and minerals – think again!

Better yet – take the vitamins you have at home and do a "bake test." 

Put them in an oven at 350 degrees [F] for 10 minutes and see what happens.

Here is one such "bake test" result:

The ones turning black or with black spots? [well that's the tar coming out]

The ones that lack black spots? [well they are made from food]

Food bakes; tar ? I don't want to know!

I can't say for sure but I wonder if the women who were in the study were eating tar!

And I'd bet that eating tar is not good for your health!


Disclaimer: I eat and market products that are food-based and are mentioned in the above photo. And yes I make $ if you buy any from my associate site – and yes that is my link below [I bet you figured that out from my name ]



Comments? Thoughts? Thank you.

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