Food Insecurity in the United States? Yes!


food_insecurityFood insecurity is a nicer way of saying you are going hungry!

Like Mother Hubbard our cupboards are bare!

And as we grow older, more of us are falling into this category of insecurity.

Age groups rarely looked at by any measure regarding food needs are now included – and it seems that almost 5 million of those between 50 and 59 [the younger "boomers"] are at risk of hunger. And that figure was from a few years ago.

How many more will be hungry each year?

It turns out that more than 9% of older Americans were at risk of hunger in 2009 –  a whopping 79 % increase since 2001.

The economy is bad and it is impacting not only the potential of losing one's home, but of being hungry as well.

Do we not care about our elders anymore?  Are we living longer only to lose our homes and go hungry?

There are boomers and older who must make choices each month – rent or food? Food or medications?

Yes there are programs that can help but they too are low on funds and supplies. If everyone is poor and in need of food – just who will supply the food banks?

If congress thinks cutting food and service programs for the elderly and poor is a good way to save money – how will older people and poor people survive?

I'm saddened by where we as a country have gone.


Comments? Thoughts? Thank you.






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