65 Million MORE Obese People?


It's Not Always Baby Fat!


According to some recent surveys, there will be 65 million more obese U.S. citizens by 2030 and 11 million more in the U.K.

I've written books, articles, and blog posts on the obesity epidemic and this is scary! The epidemic is not slowing down!

It means more obesity-related illnesses, more obese children, and more [and more costly] health care – which we all pay for!

And as a Developmental Psychologist, to me it means future generations of children who will not have the best start on development that they can.

It's called an epidemic for good reason. Obesity is apparently "contagious."

  • If you are obese, your family is more likely to be obese; especially your children
  • If you hang out with obese people, you are morel likely to become obese
  • If your non-obese friends hang out with you; they are more likely to become obese

Please – think not only about yourself and your own health but

  • think of your family
  • think of your friends
  • think of the future

Don't be in this statistic – grow older better – be healthy!

Thoughts? Comments? Thank you.

Native of NYC who moved a lot, got several degrees, and has been a lifelong writer and reader... I am interested in many things - and I write [and teach] about them - especially the human lifespan and healthy aging

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