Tiredness – Thy Name Is Puppy


Tova the puppyWhy is a new puppy so tiring?

Let me count the ways 

Mostly she sleeps all night now but I am still tired every day.

Why? When she is awake she either wants me to play with her, or she has to go out , or she runs around the house and I have to follow her to make sure she doesn’t pee or poop where she’s not supposed to.

She is learning to run to the door or make noises when she does have to go out – but she has enough “mistakes” that I have to keep an eye on her.

Also,  I have to watch her outside to because of where I live [on the water.]

I’ve blocked off a lot of the deck with large containers of plants to make sure she can’t go to parts of the deck I can’t easily see from inside. But even so, there are ways that she could slip off because the decks are a bit slippery right now and as she’s a puppy – she doesn’t have that much control over her body. When she runs she can’t always stop on that proverbial dime.

Soon Tova will be more adult sized [with good manners] and I’ll look back on these days nostalgically [but a lot less tired.]

And maybe I’ll get the work projects done that need doing?

Comments? Thanks. 

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