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March 8  

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I am getting very tired of the ads on TV that make you think that normal bodily functions are now ailments that need pills…





  • I urinate a lot.
  • I have always urinated a lot.
  • I will always urinate a lot

Do I think it’s a problem? Of course not.

It’s my body and it’s the way my body functions.

Would I take a pill because somebody thinks this is a problem?  Of course not.

There is an ad about urination with the woman helping her daughter  try on a wedding gown and it seems like the daughter is miffed with the mother – and the mother is embarrassed – why?

Because the mother has to go to the bathroom instead of giving her undivided attention to her daughter! 

Well Duh!  Doesn’t that now grown up child know about her mother’s frequent urination?

My kid did – and it was a family a joke.

In fact, it’s been a joke with my friends and everyone as car back as I can remember.

I was always known as the friend, in New York City, who knew where all the bathrooms were – c’mon I mean that’s an honor.

When camping, I could always find the outhouses in campgrounds – in the dark too.

And I have no problems peeing behind bushes, etc. when hiking, skiing, or whatever I am doing.

If that daughter and that mother were having a problem now, when the daughter is an adult, I do wonder about the parent-child relationship and the fact that this was never discussed.

The next ad that sent me screaming at the television set was one where the question was raised “do you have a lot of tissues in your pocket?”

Again – duh! Of course I do! Noses run! That’s what noses do!

But – guess what? You need a pill.

Why would I want to take a pill to stop my nose from running or to stop urinating and when those are normal activities?

And why on earth would I want to take a pill when they tell me about all the possible side effects the pill will create?

Sadly, all these pills are designed only to make gobs of money for the pharmaceutical companies.

And – if you get sick from the pill that stops up your nose or stops you from peeing?

Well – guess what? We have pills for that too!

Thoughts?  Comments? Thank you!


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