Supplements That Can Help You Immensely As You Age

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June 14  

Lynn at 70I personally do not believe in the concept of anti-aging because we cannot really go backwards or stop our aging process. 

But anti-aging has become a popular term most often used to sell all matter of products to those who are called “boomers” or “baby boomers.”


[An aside – I am so glad I am older so I don’t have that label.]

While we cannot stop the aging process – we can certainly slow it down and in some cases reverse some, but not all, ongoing damage to our bodies.  And – while slowing it down, we can also be doing things to look and feel good as we continue to age. 

The phrase “you don’t look your age” is, to me, a sign of age bias since I actually do look my age.  We all look our ages – because we ARE those ages. 

Bias aside, we seem to love being told we don’t look our ages.  So with all that said – yes – there are supplements that can help you immensely as you age. 

In fact, these same supplements can help persons of all ages to age well.  And – as one with expertise in human development – please believe me when I say it’s never too early or too late to start taking care of your body [including your skin,] as well as your mind and spirit. 

We live in a toxic world and that toxicity affects our food, water and our bodies.  We do need to take supplements to make up for what is, and is not, there in our food, soil and water.

We need to learn about supplements that can help us and then we need to choose those supplements intelligently so that we feel and look as good as we can as we progress through life.

What are these supplements?

[Hint: the ones I take and I think at 70 – I still look great]

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